Welcome Back, Nigel!

par | Mai 1, 2024

Micon International Limited is pleased to welcome back Nigel Smalley, BEng, DipCSM, MIMMM to its Norwich office in the United Kingdom.

Nigel joins Micon as a Senior Processing Engineer with over 30 years of experience. Having previously been a part of the Micon team, Nigel left in November 2022 to gain experience working in the mining industry, joining C3 Biotechnologies as Engineering Manager. Having gained enormous project experience, Nigel is looking forward to applying these learnings to our client’s projects.

Over the past 1½ years, Nigel had been part of an R&D team investigating manufacturing of innovative biofuels, kerosene, acrylics and hypersonic fuels.

His expertise in Process Design & Engineering, Project Management, Cost Estimation and Hydrometallurgy makes him an excellent addition to the Micon team.

Nigel can be contacted at nsmalley@micon-international.co.uk to discuss your projects!

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