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Chris JacobsVice President & Mining Economist

Chris Jacobs, CEng, MIMMM, MBA

Vice President & Mining Economist
Over 30 years’ experience including positions as exploration and mining geologist for Anglo American, executive director of [...]
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Jane SpoonerVice President

Jane Spooner, M.Sc., P.Geo., FCIM

Vice President
More than 30 years’ experience in mineral market analysis and price outlook studies for various metals, industrial [...]
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Stanley C. BartlettSenior Economic Geologist, Vice President & Managing Director (UK)

Stanley C. Bartlett, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Senior Economic Geologist, Vice President & Managing Director (UK)
Over 35 years’ experience. Held senior positions in mine operations and project evaluation groups. Played an integral [...]
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Terry HennesseyGéologue Economique Principal, Vice-President

Terry Hennessey, P.Geo.

Géologue Economique Principal, Vice-President
Plus de 35 ans d’expérience incluant cartographie, exploration minière, planification des programmes de forage et estimation des [...]
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Robin BernauSenior Geologist

Robin Bernau, M.Geol., Ph.D., MAusIMM(CP)

Senior Geologist
More than 10 years of experience. Particular knowledge of Zambian copperbelt deposits gained through his doctoral thesis on the [...]
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Andrew de KlerkSenior Geologist

Andrew de Klerk, B.Sc.(Hons.), Pr.Sci.Nat., SAIMM

Senior Geologist
More than 15 years’ experience in the geological exploration and mining industry. Has worked on a broad range of [...]
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E.S. (Liz) de Klerk, M.Sc., Pr.Sci.Nat., SAIMM

Senior Geologist
Over 15 years’ experience in project management, geological modeling and resource estimation, mine optimisation, grade control and metal accounting. [...]
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Barnard FooSenior Mining Engineer

Barnard Foo, P.Eng., MBA

Senior Mining Engineer
20 years of experience in underground mine operations, including significant experience in the South American mining industry with long-term [...]
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Béatrice ForetMineral Resource Geologist & Geostatistician

Béatrice Foret, M.Sc., MAusIMM(CP)

Mineral Resource Geologist & Geostatistician
Plus de 15 ans d’expérience en modélisation géologique, estimation de ressources et exploration minière. A travaillé sur un large éventail [...]
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Nigel FungSenior Mining Engineer

Nigel Fung, B.Sc.H, B.Eng., P.Eng.

Senior Mining Engineer
Over 15 years’ industrial experience which consists of directing long-term mine planning, permitting and implementation of innovation projects and [...]
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Samer HmoudGeostatistician

Samer Hmoud, M.Sc., MAusIMM

Has practical experience in modeling a broad range of mineral deposits worldwide and a strong background in mineral exploration, [...]
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Tania IlievaSenior Geologist

Tania Ilieva, Ph.D., P.Geo.

Senior Geologist
Over 20 years’ experience. Held senior positions with Canadian exploration companies on projects in Canada and South America. Managed [...]
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Michael KhoudineSenior Mining Engineer

Michael Khoudine, M.Sc.

Senior Mining Engineer
More than 25 years’ experience. Previous experience as Project Manager with the VIST Group providing mining consultancy services and [...]
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Evgeny KondratievSenior Exploration Geologist

Evgeny Kondratiev, B.Sc., MAusIMM(CP)

Senior Exploration Geologist
Over 30 years’ experience. Held senior positions in the geological exploration division and the mining department of Norilsk Nickel [...]
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Bill LewisGéologue Senior

Bill Lewis, B.Sc., P.Geo.

Géologue Senior
Plus de 30 ans d’expérience dans des projets d’exploration et d’exploitation minière. Il a travaillé 10 ans sur les [...]
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David MakepeaceSenior Geologist/Environmental Engineer

David Makepeace, M.Eng., B.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Senior Geologist/Environmental Engineer
Over 34 years of experience in geology and exploration, environmental impact assessments, mineral property evaluation and project management in [...]
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Charley MurahwiSenior Geologist

Charley Murahwi, M.Sc., P.Geo., Pr. Sci. Nat., FAusIMM

Senior Geologist
More than 30 years’ experience. Held senior management positions with major mining companies, including Anglo American plc., throughout southern [...]
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Bruce PilcherIngénieur Minier Senior

Bruce Pilcher, CEng, FIMMM, FAusIMMCP(Min)

Ingénieur Minier Senior
Plus de 30 ans d’expérience. Il a travaillé dans des opérations minières souterraines et à ciel ouvert en Afrique [...]
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Alan J. San MartinMineral Resource Specialist

Alan J. San Martin, MAusIMM(CP)

Spécialiste des ressources minérales
Plus de 16 ans d’expérience dans l’exploration minière. Auparavant ingénieur en chef à Manhattan Minerals sur le projet Tambo [...]
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Tom StubensGéologue Senior

Tom Stubens, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Géologue Senior
Plus de 35 ans d’expérience en géologie et en opérations. Il a occupé des postes de management senior auprès [...]
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