Micon is a mining consultancy providing independent professional advice to mining companies and their providers of capital, law firms and government agencies. Staffed by senior mineral industry consultants with extensive international experience in the fields of geology, mining engineering, metallurgy, processing, environmental management, market analysis and mineral economics, the firm is well qualified to carry out consulting assignments throughout the world. The principles of Integrity, Competence and Independence have guided the firm for 30 years, assuring our clients the highest level of service and establishing Micon’s familiar ‘red book’ reports as a benchmark for quality, reliability and value.

Mining Consulting Services


Micon offers a full range of mining consulting services, worldwide

Projects in Minerals and Metals


Micon’s assignments cover the project development spectrum in minerals and metals from alumina to zinc

Professional Geological and Mining Consultants


Micon provides experienced, multidisciplinary project teams

Recent Clients

Luna Gold
eCobalt Solutions Inc.
Marathon Gold Corp
Silver Wheaton

Case Studies

Case studies demonstrate the range and breadth of Micon’s experience and its approach to meeting clients’ needs.

Illustrating Micon’s experience in the independent review and valuation of mineral reserves and resources, the Alrosa case study also highlights Micon’s qualifications in diamond deposit evaluation.

Gold deposits are an important part of Micon’s mineral resource estimation practice, and the Dalradian case study demonstrates how Micon’s in-depth understanding of the Curraghinalt deposit and its style of mineralization developed over several generations of resource estimate, and provided the basis for the preparation of a PEA for this property.

Timmins Gold Corporation’s San Francisco Mine in Sonora, Mexico, is included here as an example of Micon working alongside the client to meet strategic objectives as these evolve over time. Micon has provided a range of technical services to the project over a period of more than ten years, during which time the property has returned to production and seen capacity expanded.