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Over 500 years of combined industry experience

Micon is a mining consultancy providing independent professional advice to mining companies, providers of capital, law firms and government agencies. Staffed by senior mineral industry consultants with extensive international experience in the fields of geology, mining engineering, metallurgy, processing, social and environmental management, market analysis and mineral economics, the firm is well qualified to carry out consulting assignments throughout the world. The principles of Integrity, Competence and Independence have guided the firm for over 30 years, assuring our clients the highest level of service and establishing Micon’s familiar ‘red book’ reports as a benchmark for quality, reliability and value.

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We offer a full range of mining consulting services, worldwide.

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We cover the project development spectrum in minerals and metals.

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We provide experienced, multidisciplinary project teams.

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Over 30 years of operation, we have completed more than 800 projects and generated 1400 reports. It is no wonder we are trusted as a global leader within the industry for expertise in:

Precious Metals

Base Metals

Industrial Minerals

Specialty and Other Minerals

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Luna Gold
eCobalt Solutions Inc.
Marathon Gold Corp
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Specialty Minerals and Metals

M.Plan International Limited:

M.Plan is a joint venture between Micon and Dorfner Anzaplan GmbH with a focus on Specialties, including the battery metals and minerals. M.Plan’s integrated suite of consulting services and detailed knowledge of product specifications and markets provides a comprehensive understanding of project dynamics, allowing for the optimization of exploration, resource development, mineral beneficiation, chemical processing, process development and project economics, allowing critical time savings and encouraging innovation.

micon international team