Whether tasked with study preparation or review, Micon’s mining engineers can draw upon relevant operational experience to ensure mine designs and schedules are based on industry best practice and represent achievable development and production targets.

Mine optimization, design, planning and scheduling services are provided for open pit and underground mining methods using a range of commercial software packages.

The configuration of mine access ramps, surface haulage routes and waste rock storage areas, and underground development layouts are based on operational experience. Appropriate mining recovery and dilution factors are calculated and applied in order to generate mineral reserve estimates.

Equipment selection and analysis of fleet and labour requirements contribute to the development of capital and operating cost estimates, cut-off grade calculations and cash flow forecasts.

Micon’s engineers bring a wide range of practical experience to mine planning, ensuring that our clients not only have a well-designed mine plan, but also an operationally sound design that takes real-world problems into account. If you have an open pit or underground mine planning need, Micon has solutions for you.