Micon International Limited – Small But Mighty

by | Jul 15, 2022

Liz de Klerk, M.Sc., Pr.Sci.Nat., MIMMM, Micon’s Managing Director (UK), recently sat down for an interview with Laura Watling of Business Enquirer Magazine to discuss why Micon is the consultancy firm of choice in the mining industry.

Micon is small but mighty and remaining small is part of our business model. As stated by Liz, “we have found [that staying small] is a good way to work collaboratively together on projects, sharing each other’s skills.” Rather than trying to expand the firm, Micon is concerned with “forming
strong, strategic partnerships [to] allow us to offer more bespoke projects without sacrificing our niche as a small business […] and not at the expense of our quality and values”.

Currently, Micon is focusing on ensuring environmental sustainability is at the forefront of every project we are involved with – “Our vision is that we don’t just advise our clients on ESG compliance but help to make it part of their business and that they think about it the second they step foot on the ground”.

To read the full interview in issue 106 Q3 (pp. 136-141) of Business Enquirer Magazine online, please click here. To download a PDF of the interview, please click here.


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