The Micon Hour – Precision in Resource Classification

by | Sep 15, 2022

The Micon Hour is a podcast series created to discuss relevant topics for the benefit of our mineral industry followers and hosted by Micon’s Mineral Resource Specialist Alan San Martin.


  1. Laston Mbiri

    Measure of closeness to ‘reality’ – I like that. Because we mine reality

  2. Laston Mbiri

    Precision ‘quantification of your margin of error’ – the smaller the margin of error, the closer we are to reality . Bravo

    Competent person ‘adequate experience and competence in the style of mineralization’

    Not all inffered resource is expected to be upgraded into the next category – very good point

  3. Laston Mbiri

    Validation, across the grade interpolation methods – interesting

    A measure of common sense

    I see, you are sharp Boss


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