The Micon Hour – The ‘Spotted Dog’: Still an Issue in Mineral Resource Classification

by | Oct 26, 2022

The Micon Hour is a podcast series created to discuss relevant topics for the benefit of our mineral industry followers and hosted by Micon’s Mineral Resource Specialist Alan San Martin.

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  1. Gordon Garnsey

    I am a mining engineer with 40 years of experience, including planning in greenstone hosted gold deposits in the Yilgarn Region of Western Australia.

    I have seen many spotted dogs over there and have been studying them (often in forensic detail) for over 50 years. Hence I am pleased to see some people are still aware that they are a very big problem and are prepared to talk about this issue (and related issues).

    I would like to undertake (or contribute to) an ‘evidence based’ and unbiased study on this issue


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